May 25, 2018 GDPR COMPLIANCE We are pleased to announce that OptiLogix is now fully GDPR compliant. Dec 14, 2017 NEW HYPERCLOUD FOR SIP With this latest product from the HyperCloud series, OptiLogix is bringing local SIP trunks and extensions to the Cloud. Featuring an integrated passive Ethernet LAN tap, deployment becomes very easy without the need for port mirroring. Jan 29, 2017 NEW SIP DTMF ENCAPSULATION DTMF encapsulation (flat toning) is not only available on our PRI-ISDN PCI(e) cards but now also on our high performance SIP recording engine. Besides in-band DTMF tone detection with optional pause / silence - resume key sequencing, the DTMF tones can also be flat toned in real-time for PCI compliance. Aug 24, 2016 NEW HYPERCLOUD SERIES OptiLogix is introducing a revolutionary range of stand alone Call Recording products that are aimed at bringing TDM to the Cloud. These Linux based appliances are available in versions for Analog, BRI, Digital Extension, PRI-ISDN and T1. Nov 10, 2015 NEW UPC CARDS OptiLogix has added a new type of Voice Recording Card to its product portfolio. These "UPC" boards offer a low cost USB interface in a PCI Express form factor and are available as 8 channel BRI-ISDN, 30 channel PRI-ISDN and T1 models. Mar 20, 2015 NEW HYPERWALL PRODUCTS OptiLogix has introduced new HyperWall fraud detection and prevention devices for Basic Rate and Primary Rate ISDN trunks. Nov 27, 2014 NEW SCREEN PRINTER OptiLogix has replaced its DEK screen printer by the newest generation Yamaha YSP20 screen printer that is not only extremely accurate but also very fast. Built in visual inspection and stencil cleaning has tripled our throughput for PCB screen printing. Sep 15, 2014 NEW SMD PICK & PLACE MACHINE OptiLogix has recently upgraded its assembly line with a brand new pick & place machine. This MyData My100/LX14 high speed SMT pick & placer has doubled our production throughput.